Cabin Charter Cruises

Cabin Charter Cruises
Cabin Charter Cruises
Cabin Charter Cruises
Cabin Charter Cruises
  • A/C Cabin Charters

    A/C Cabin Cruises

    Cabin Charter with Gulets that are Air-Conditioned (up to 4-6 hrs a day)

  • Weekly Cabin Charters

    Weekly Cabin Cruises

    Cabin charter from different ports on a weekly basis that you can join.

  • Short Cabin Charters

    Short Cabin Cruises

    Cabin Charter that are not longer then 4 days. Ideal for a short term vacation.

Things you should know about Cabin Charters

There are several reasons to join a shared Gulet cruise. This type of “Blue Cruise” is perfect for couples who didn’t get enough people together to rent a private boat or for travelers who likes to join other people and share the boat (not the cabin). Also persons with a low budget are tending more to this type of vacation. But you should also be aware that this type of cruises are done on lower standard Gulets (only a few have a higher standard) and that the crew is not like on a private charter boat!
So before you go ahead to book one of the cruise, our suggestion is : get in contact with us first and get more information about the route, boat, crew and other useful stuff that will help you to make a proper decision.