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    Sailing Paradise Turkey

    The perfect coastline with good conditions to sail

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    MYBA Terms

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    Turkish Cuisine

    One of the richest kitchen of the world

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    Turkey Travellers Tips

    Helpful tips for all travelers who visit Turkey

On this page we have collected general information you should know about Turkey, Charter, Food and other helpful topics.

We know how hard it is to plan a cruise holiday in Turkey. Specially when your family is not the only guests who will be on board. If you invited your other family and friends to join you, it could be difficult to bring everybody together.

Some of them living in another city or country or the date is not suitable to make the holiday with you. We know exactly what it looks like and how stressfully it can be.

Our team from Bodex Yachting is here for you to make things easier and to guide you in the best possible way.

If you compare us with other companies out there you will see that we are not here to sell you just the boat. Bodex Yachting is there to make sure you will have a well planned holiday experience from the beginning until the end.