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Your holiday starts from the moment you step out of the airport. A professional English speaking guide will meet and greet you with a personal signboard. He will accompany you to a modern vehicle which will be air-conditioned and comfortable. Your guide will be very warm and friendly and offer you all information on Turkey, about your holiday onboard and the crew who will be looking after you.Consider the journey from the airport as a days excursion. You will see many beautiful sights en-route. Depending on which airport you arrive at, you can expect to see mountainous ranges, ruins, farmed land, beautiful orchards and foliage and quaint villages and towns with breaks en-route for refreshments or a meal. Your guide will let you know as and when you see them. If you wish to visit any of the sights mentioned by our guide, we can provide private or group guided tours. If you’ve sampled Turkish Cuisine, no doubt you’ll be interested in how it’s made. Why not join a yacht and combine the two. Our highly experienced chefs can take you through all the steps of Anatolian and Ottoman cuisine, so you can indulge your tastebuds with the fruits of your labour. There are countless vegetarian dishes to entice the heartiest appetite. Much inspiration has come from the fresh produce that is available year round. If you’ve heard the saying “ 1001 ways to cook an aubergine” here is where it came from, only there are probably more now. Yoghurt is used widely in Turkish cooking of which many mezes ( hot & cold starters) are based on. Being on the sea also has the advantage of catching your own fish and having a BBQ on board.

Also arrangements offered :
– Champagne reception on board,
– Individual Travel,
– Hotel bookings,
– Flight tickets,
– Ferry tickets,
– Rent a Vehicle ( with and without driver )
– Private Tours,
– Airport Transfers,
– Tailor made itineraries – including Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Coastline towns.

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