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if you have a tendency to hog the snorkel set – bring your own. There are normally several (2 or 3) on board, but you may have to wait your turn. The sea is so clear and fascinating you’ll want to spend hours in there.

Scuba-diving in Turkish waters is permitted only under the guidance and supervision of a licensed dive guide. Of course, as with diving in any area that has a long history of sea trade, there are underwater antiquities scattered all over the seabed; amphorae and other ancient relics are awaiting discovery !

Just swimming..
Turkey is a Muslim country and therefore we must respect their customs. We recommend you don’t go topless in populated areas. Private bays and on deck is usually accepted. Also, you don’t have to be a strong swimmer to enjoy the sea, life jackets are provided on all Gulets and the crew are always around to help if you need it.

Gone fishing..
loaded with a large float and strong line you’ll be able to catch some very tasty fish and, perhaps persuade(without any difficulty) the cook to BBQ them for you on a secluded bay.

a surfboard with sails. If you like ducking and diving in the calm breeze in beautiful clear waters – this is for you.

your Gulet will have one of these on board and a crew member can teach you how to use it.

Every boat has one, either with or without a out-boarder. They are for use when the boats is anchored quite a distance from shore.

Water-skiing / Jet ski..
many powerboats around the harbors and certain beaches offer this fun activity at a reasonable cost. NB: not for the weary bodied person. A strong back and legs will ensure you stay up in the water.
Banana boats… are offered around the harbor areas and hold 6 people in a row pulled along by a power boat.

White – water Rafting..
If your the adventurous type, you might like to take up this exciting sport. There are two places possible depending on your route. One is the Dalaman River and the other in Antalya ( Koprulu Canyon ). Pre-booking required.

Barbeques ( BBQ )..
Unfortunately these are now forbidden on land. Due to a phenomenal amount of fires recently it isn’t worth the chance of one probably occurring. However, it is possible on board and can be just as much fun, less dangerous and just as tasty. Fish, meats and vegetables are so much tastier when someone else cooks them and what a better place than on-board with the evening starts twinkling and reflecting off the water.

Land Explorations from your Yacht..
All Land tours are possible with every interest covered. As above a guide discussion and booking needs to be made prior to departure or cruise.
Historical sites, ruins, nature reserves, bird watching, jeep safari’s are some of the delights awaiting you.

Tandem Gliding..
This kind of activities can be built in Gulf of Fethiye and Göcek area of your Yacht Vacation. Pre-booking required.

Trekking & Hiking
These are both possible, but only with a guide. Prior trips need to be discussed first and pre-booked. There are many places along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines of interest.

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