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not only one company.. it’s the company for Gulet charters!
  • Bodex Yachting - 3 Stars Standard Class

    3 Star Standard Class

    with prices starting from 450 Euro per day (depending on month)

  • Bodex Yachting - 4 Stars Superior Class

    4 Star Superior Class

    with prices starting from 650 Euro per day (depending on month)

  • Bodex Yachting - 5 Stars Luxury Class

    5 Star Luxury Class

    with prices starting from 750 Euro per day (depending on month)

  • Bodex Yachting - 6 Stars Deluxe Class

    6 Star Deluxe Class

    with prices starting from 1.000 Euro per day (depending on month)

  • Bodex Yachting - 7 Stars Royal Class

    7 Star Royal Class

    with prices starting from 2.500 Euro per day (depending on month)

What is a Gulet?

Smaller than a brig, two beamed yachts carries 8-15 tons. Gulet yachts are hand made by the local and skilled carpenters. For the skeletons of these yachts pine, oak, mahogany and teak wood are used. The history can be tracked down to the ancient times of Karia First Gulet ”Aegean Rose” was built in 1958 in Gulluk Gulf by Ziya Guvendiren and his atelier.
Gulets are strong and longlasting, by their esthetic qualities it became internationally trendy. These boats are built in a traditional way, used for touristic purposes. Classic Bodrum Gulets are made of stockpiled woods, recently laminated wood is being used and it can also be built by steel. These Classic Boats with a wide deck, front deck with sun awn, with its large and wide cabins is said to be very convenient as a Charter boat. Nowadays Gulets forms, equipments, decorations are modernized, re-designed, and has many classes from three star to seven stars. If you like to know more about Gulet Charters from Turkey, please get in contact with us.

Special Discount Offers

Bodex Yachting - Blue Diamond

Gulet B4420BD

up to 20% discount offers for this 4 Star Superior Gulet

Bodex Yachting - Sher M

Gulet B5322SM

up to 20% discount offers for this 5 Star Luxury Gulet

Bodex Yachting - Gül Sultan

Gulet B6630GN

up to 20% discount offers for this 6 Star Deluxe Gulet

Charter Gulet B6426MA

Gulet B6426MA is available for private charters out of Croatia, Montenegro and Italy.
Get your personal offer now! click to see Gulet B6426MA
Gulet Mia

Here is what you can find on

Gulet Charters - Private Charters
Private Gulet Charters…

If you look on other providers you will find a huge amount of Gulets on the pages. The reason we don’t put every Gulet here is simple : Quality of the boat and the service that the crew provides is more importend to us then the quantity of Gulets we can show on our webpage. Therefore as one of the first companies we invented the Star Class Category system. That will help you to find easily the Gulet that fits into your planned budget. Gulet Charters from your Expert Team.

Bodex Yachting - Cabincharters
Cabin Charters…

This option of the popular “Blue Cruise” is ideal for passengers who are alone or for couples that just want to join a shared Gulet cruise. The basic is simple, you rent a cabin on one of the available charters and you share the rest of the boat with other people. Of course you have your own bathroom in your cabin that is not for share. So you book your cabin and get to see the beauty of the nature, water, small villages and more.

Bodex Yachting - Motoryachts

If you seeking for luxury and speed, well this is the right option for you. Unlike the Gulets, Motoryachts can reach a speed up to 30 knots/hour.  On motoryachts the fuel consuption is extra charged. Depending on horsepowers and cruise speed you have to expect around 250lt/per hr up to 1.500 lt/per hrs. The most Yachts offers the customers an unforgetable experience of luxury with high standard food and the crew will take good care of you.

Bodex Yachting - Sailing Yachts

If you are a skipper and have a proper license and love to sail, well then this is your option you should stick to. Sailing boats can be rent on weekly basis and are available from Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye and other detsinations. Please keep in mind that on sailingyachts you cook for yourself and do all the stuff that on Gulets the crew does. Sailing boats can be rent with a captain too..

Our Gulets

Boats who are owned or operated by us
Blue Diamond

In total four boats who are owned or operated by us within 3 different Gulet Classes and cabin counts depending on your group size.
The smallest one with 2 cabins and largest one with 6 cabins for max. 12 passengers. Charter prices depending on month and vessel are variable and please don’t forget to ask for the special discounts we offer on them.
To see them please click the button below..