Special Interest Cruise in Turkey

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Special Interest Cruises in Turkey… **Your freedom of choice**
Chartering a yacht gives you the freedom a cruise liner or a hotel can’t offer you. There are no fixed itineraries, which gives you the choice where to go as and when you please.
Sailing the turquoise coast from harbor to harbor, visiting ancient sites and ruins. Swimming in clear water and deserted caves. Dressing as you like and eating what you fancy. The crew is on cue, just for you. Have as much fun or tranquility as and when you want it. That’s only the half of it.
Turkey has an endless supply of interests to occupy the wildest imagination. We can arrange several yachts to accompany one another en route with grouped lectures and briefings. We can provide all the necessary equipment and materials needed for each interest. Bird Watching, Museum Tours, Art & Craft seminars and Wine Tasting.
If your interest is not covered here, or in the above mentioned, then let us know what your choice would be and it will be arranged. Perhaps a combination of our Tours would suit you best. Say, one week indulging on our “Culinary Cruise” with a further week “trekking” off all those added pounds you’ve just gained.

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