Antalya - Kekova - Antalya

Private Charter - Antalya - Kekova

1. Day :
Embarking the Gulet in the afternoon in Antalya. Welcome drink and information about the yacht and the tour program. Dinner and overnight.

2. Day :
Departure after breakfast and harbor formalities. Cruising about 2 hours, first stop by Sazak Bay. In the late afternoon a short cruise to Cavus Limani (Adrasan) dinner and overnight here.

3. Day :
After a long cruise of 5 hours we arrive at the harbor of Demre. Breakfast on the way. Demre (Kale) is the modern settlement on the place of the ancient city of Myra. In Demre you can visit the church of St. Nicholas who was the Bishop of the city in the 4th century. This saint, who has gathered to himself a large body of mythology, is no other than Santa Claus of the Western world. Other highlights of the village worth visiting are the ancient theater and the neighboring Lydian rock tombs. Late afternoon cruising to Gokkaya bay for dinner and overnight.

4. Day :
Cruising along the northern (land) side of the Kekova island to see the ruins of the sunken city. The water is especially clear here and you can see the ruins almost the whole length of Kekova Island. In the afternoon, we arrive at Kas or at one of the lovely bays in Kekova Island.

5. Day :
Today the return journey to Kemer begins. On the way back to Kekova, we will visit other interesting places in the region of Kale – Ucagiz which we passed over on the way to Kas, then sleep over in Karaloz Bay. This is on the southern (sea) side of Kekova Island.

6. Day :
Arriving in Olympos before noon. The ancient city of Olympos (2nd century BC) was built on the two banks of a river, today covered by dense vegetation. After lunch, you can walk around the ruins and if you prefer a longer walk (about 1,5 hours), you can go as far as Yanartas (Chimiera). On a hill of the Tahtali (Olympos) mountain (2,375m) you will see methane gas holes burning day and night. Dinner and overnight in Ceneviz Limani.

7. Day :
After a short cruise arriving in Phaselis. The city is believed to have been founded in the 7th century BC and had three harbors during the Roman period. We drop anchor in one of these harbors and from here you may take a visit the ruins in the shadow of pine trees or just relax on board. Dinner and overnight here or in the Ay Isigi Bay (According to the transfer times of the guests.)

8. Day :
Disembarking after the breakfast in Antalya.

Please keep in mind that this route can change anytime regarding to your wishes and needs.
Of course the weather conditions can change the route too. So please keep this information as a sample only and request a personal tailor made route from us!